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Veteran Instructor & Expert Mountain Rider
Backcountry Basics Instructorís standard to excellence ensures that ALL of our clientís experience personal gratification and achieve their own expectations and success. We provide a learning environment that is relaxed, non- intimidating, and an incredibly fun experience! How we deliver 100% consistent and effective results is by requiring our instructors to have the fundamental credentials needed to enable them to be effective while with clients:
~ Three years of instructional and coaching experience in another area of interest.
~ Two years as a pro-snowmobiler while contributing a positive influence into the industry
~ Avalanche Awareness and Education
~ Obtain Snowmobile Instructor Certification through "Backcountry Basics Instructors Academy"

At Backcountry Basics it is a great honor to be part of each one of our clientís experience to enhancing their backcountry skills! Our primary focus is YOU and your success!
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From Amber's very first snowmobile ride with Budd in Alaska to the present, it has been a personal pursuit to develop and refine an educational means that would allow her to share with others that incredible experience and reward that backcountry riding has to offer. Her greatest enjoyment as an instructor comes from possessing the instructional skills and tools that can enable other riders to overcome their own personal apprehensions, fears and frustrations. These factors are often the paralyzing roadblocks to enjoying backcountry riding to its fullest. Amber finds it a great honored to assist in another riderís break through moment when they confidently overcome these blockades and recognizes their endless capabilities!
Amber Holt is the the Owner and Master Instructor of Backcountry Basics. She has found instruction in all forms a very rewarding compliment to her lifeís passions. Her instructional background began in her early teens as Professional Equine Trainer and then evolved into the Ski and Snowboard Industry as a Professional Coach and Instructor. At age 23 she joined her local Fire and EMS services where she proceeded to gain higher levels of training credentials as a result of working up ranks.
In addition to these experiences and an immeasurable level of passion for backcountry snowmobiling, lifeís lessons, a college education in the area of Aeronautical Science, Business and Marketing, Business Owner, and what she holds most grateful to is her amazing mentor, her Husband, Budd. These factor combined built the pillars and pedigree behind the foundation of what Backcountry Basics Snowmobile Clinics has become today.